Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Colour-matched Google Adsense

Google Adsense adverts look much better than most flashy banners - but if you use the default styles, you've probably found they are just a few shades away from matching with your blog's colours. It can be quite tricky to match exactly the colour you want. Here's an easy way that I use.

First, login to Adsense, go to the Adsense for Content tab and scroll down to the Color Palettes section.

Click Manage color palettes...

This screen lets you pick the colors you want. First pick an existing palette (perhaps one similar to what you want). Now you can change each colour, as shown in the on-screen example. It's possible to pick colours from their colour grid provided; but that's still quite limiting. To get a perfect match, you need to type the precise code for that colour, into the boxes. In the above screenshot, my red arrow indicates where to enter the code to set the border colour.

But how do you know what code you need? Well you could read through your template, but that's the slow and painful way. No, what you need is this handy little tool: Color Detector. It's free (freeware), and you can download it from Here's what it looks like:

The way it works is simple - it tells you the colour code of whatever is under your mouse. So you can find the colors of your blog's post titles, or even the precise shade of your eyes in your photo.

Then go back and paste the code into Adsense (or just type it, it's only 6 digits - but be careful not to delete the '#' symbol.) Save your new settings with an easy name like My-blog-sidebar, so you can select them again in the future. Then make your Adsense advert as usual.

That's it!

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