Thursday, August 18, 2005

"My First Blog" isn't getting off to a very good start.

Ok, ha ha Google/Blogspot/Blogger, thanks a lot. Now, first of all, what the hell is my own URL? And second of all, that did NOT take less than five minutes. All I know is, I was getting more and more frustrated with "sorry, that name is not available", with all my imaginative array of URLs, and I finally tried, which of course was taken, so I tried aaargh and then aaaargh and by this stage I was punching the keyboard until oops, one of them was suddenly available. So now I have an impossible-to-remember URL. Aaaaargh!

Funnily enough, in the middle of all this I decided to check whether my wonderfully imaginative names were also registered as .com addresses. They're not, apart from one guy,, and it's one solid mass of marketing gumph.

Note to self: next time Google starts a new service, jump on the bandwagon very very quickly, just to grab the name. I dismissed a Blogspot blog as something I don't need, since I'm capable of making my own blog, thank you very much. And in the end, I find myself back here anyway, with the web's hardest-to-remember name yet. Even the guy/girl running is doing better than me.

Now where was I?

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