Friday, August 19, 2005

My Other Blog is a Porsche

Okay, here's the truth. is just a cover, a front, an excuse for a blog. My 'real' blog is somewhere else... Well okay, this is a real blog too. In fact as far as the reader's concerned, it doesn't matter what blogging tool I'm using, or what my future intentions are, and it might not matter that the URL is aaaaaargh-with-six-a's, since the chances are you got here by clicking random things. But for me, the concept is that I'm slowly starting my first blog elsewhere, and I wanted to document it. In another blog. Here. Got that?

The other blog has its very own shiny new URL, albeit another slightly silly one. It's intended to stop me taking things too seriously, although that's not a guarantee. And it's not made with Blogger, it's made with Drupal. Drupal is open-source software, which means it's free and made by volunteers whose idea of a good time is a night hunched over their keyboard in a darkened room, scrolling through a thousand lines of computer code looking for the missing bracket. If this sounds like you, you should know that putting your monitor at the correct height will improve your posture and improve your chances with members of your preferred gender/species.

Er, where was I? Right, so I'm making a blog with Drupal, which involves rather more work than getting a Blogger account, but on the other hand gives me more freedom to do interesting stuff. I can add non-blog pages, for example if I was writing about a highly specialised subject, I could add a glossary section. Or a simple forum. I could add a selection of witty quotes, and have them appear in rotation in the side column. I can... well, watch. It talks about Peak Oil and economics and the near future and it's at, but if you aren't interested in the subject, you might be interested in reading (here) about my progress in making the website (there).

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