Friday, August 19, 2005

The Story So Far

I'm already almost two weeks into creating the site, so I'll have to skip quickly over what happened in that time. First of all, it's only fair to warn you that I'm "a techie", so I didn't learnt everything I needed to know in the last two weeks or months. That said, I have taught myself almost everything that's relevant to websites, without buying a single book. If you're a blogspot blogger and you've thought about going further, my advice is embarrassingly like a certain sportswear manufacturer; just, ah, try it. You'll succeed in the end, and probably you'll spend more time on it than if you did a ten-week guided course - but you'll have learnt a thousand times more. By the way, this isn't a course or a set of instructions. I'm just writing what I did, and if someone finds it it gives them a few pointers, glad to have helped.

Your teacher is here:

Next, I already had a host, and a spare domain name. A domain name is easy to understand, the domain name of this blog is However, we're all part of here, which takes away a bit of the fun. So usually when people say they want their own domain name, they mean like A host is computer which is permanently connected to the internet, and specially set up in a fairly complex way, to show your website to other people. For all sensible purposes, this means you DO NOT host your website at home. Really. Don't even think about it. What the world does, is, it uses the services of hosting companies. These companies typically have roomfuls of webservers (computers designed for doing this) in underground air-comditioned secured premises, with deals and super-high-speed connections to multiple ISPs. You don't need to know that. You need to know -
What's it going to cost me?
And if you're thinking clearly, you don't want to pay for lots of optional 'extras', so you should also ask -
What do I really need?
Read on...

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