Monday, December 05, 2005 - another Drupal website

Okay, so 3 months on, I'm back playing at making a profitable website. This latest attempt came about because I booked a couple of domain names about Phuket, for someone who didn't need them at all. Hey, I spent a few dollars on those domain names, let's see if I can win back my $8.95 paid to Godaddy.

So a quick check on Google confirms the obvious; there are a million and one professional websites on the subject of Phuket. Doesn't sound too good. On the other hand, there are 4 million tourists ...
(That's actually the year before last - last year we had the tsunami, which apart from the traigc loss of life, wasn't great for anyone with a job in the tourist industry - if you're wondering whether it's safe to take your tropical beach holiday in Phuket, please do, we need your cash!)

So is up and running, sort of, and currently has around 10 posts covering the major beaches. Each post will be about a destination or activity that visitors are likely to be interested in; if/when I run out of covering those, then I'll switch to keep up with local news on the island.

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